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Beautiful adjustable and detachable BELT LOOPS and Dangles Charms

Let me know if you have any specific design ideas
Entrepreneur Bella Giles-Smith

Like many other women, Bella has loads of belts which she didn't wear because the loose end of her belts do not have a loop to keep it in place. The way Bella got round this in the past would be to either, use a safety pin, or an elastic band, blue tack which all looked awful or she just didn't wear a belt at all.

Then one night, while she was trying to go to sleep, it came to her in a flash of inspiration. She got out of bed and tried her first thought to solve this problem, her first idea did work but not really robust or flexible enough to be suitable for all the different size belts she had. The next evening, Bella tried a few more ideas until she found a solution that worked perfectly. By the 3rd evening, Bella made her first prototype, which then evolved into eFABE(eliminates flapping about belt ends).

Bella tested her idea to make sure it worked for a long period of time and on different size belts. She searched the Internet to see if anyone else had already gone to market with the same idea. Bella said "I was so surprised, I could not find anything at all that looked fabulous and solves the problem of flapping about belt ends".

Bella then showed her eFABE™ to friends and colleagues and sold 10 straight away, Bella say's, "the response has been brilliant, the feedback has been great, thing's like", "nice for adding colour to bold clothes", "What a good idea", "How clever", "Great idea and it looks pretty as well", "you should go on Dragon's Den".

She is now looking for a few select boutiques to assist in the sales and distribution of the eFABE. If you would like to discuss any business opportunities, please visit the "contact us" page for telephone and email details.

Please feel free to browse around the eFABE website.


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