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Great Gift ideas offering something different and to suit all budgets, take a look around.

Mobile Phone Dangle Charms

A mobile phone is an item which almost all of us own so it`s not surprising that we go through fads and crazes when it comes to mobile phone accessories. When the first `for the masses` phones came on to the market we rushed to buy click on covers that could quickly change the appearance of any old Nokia.

Another notable craze was for snug fabric covers that kept your phone safe and dry but also made it look even cooler. The latest craze however, has been phone dangle charms. In Japan, almost any teenager, fashionable young person or socialite has a few dangle charms on their phone and it`s becoming increasingly popular here in the UK too. Dangle charms are a lot like trendy key rings and don`t really serve a practical purpose but they do look fab!

In the same way that jewellery and key rings make great gifts, so do dangle charms. They remind a person of you every time they use their phone and you can get such a wide range that there`s bound to be a design which perfectly fits the personality of the person you`re giving it to.

One of the most popular online stores to buy dangle charms for mobile phones is the eFABE™ store. We took a look at some of the selection and reviewed the products on offer:


The eFABE™ store itself offers far more than dangle charms, there are gifts and jewellery items too and it is well presented and easy to navigate. One of the best dangle charms we found for mobile phones was one which can be personalised with the letters (and a name) of your choice. It also only costs £2.50 making it a brilliant stocking filler or token gift for teenagers.

For girls who just love shoes, there`s also the brilliant green shoe, dangle charm. This is the perfect gift for those women who have more shoes than they know what to do with, but still manage to buy a new pair every other weekend.

Another range of dangle charms have the numbers 13, 18 or 21 on them and make superb birthday presents. Everything from handbags and butterflies to soccer style footballs and American style (rugby) footballs are available so you can get dangle charms for boys as well as girls.


The only negative thing we might say about the store is that while it seems modern enough generally and is easy to navigate it is purple. This is a slightly eccentric choice of colour and isn't gender neutral so it`s definitely appealing to female visitors more than male ones.

There are lots of sports related options though such as the `I Love Golf` dangle charm which would definitely appeal more to most men, than it would most women. eFABE™ slightly eccentric colour scheme aside, this store is one of the best mobile phone dangle charm stores on the internet because it offers great prices and cute personalised products.

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Belt Loops

Belt loops with lots of sparkle

BLING Collection

The BLING Collection offers beautiful BELT LOOPS with lots of sparkle, great for your hot date outfit, girls night out look, or party dress. Adds sparkler to your favorite belt.

view collection


Classic fashion belt loop

CLASSIC Collection

The Classic Collection offers a selection of BELT LOOPS to compliment any outfit for everyday use.

view collection

Fabulous and stylish fashion belt loop

LOVE IT Collection

You will love our LOVE IT Collection perfect for going out to dinner, seeing friends or family.

Add a little extra something special to your outfit.

view collection

Your own designer belt loop

CUSTOM Design your own BELT LOOP

If you can not find a BELT LOOP or dangle charm to meet your needs, please feel free to contact us and together we can Custom Design a BELT LOOP or dangle charm just for you.

Belt loops for men's belts

MEN's Collection

Men can not resist a gadget, especially when it makes them look good, so we have a few specially selected designs for men. men's belts to.

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Dangle Charms

funky mobile phone dangle charms

Mobile Phone Dangle Charms

You will stand out from the crowd and so will your mobile phone. Or if you like to be different, why not choose to have a personalised made to order dangle charm with your name on small square beads.

view collection

Beautiful handbag dangle charms

Dangle Charms for your Handbag

Add something different to your handbag with beautiful handbag dangles. You can use any of the short length eFABE™ as a handbag dangle. So when you are not using your eFABE™ as a BELT LOOP, you can use it as a dangle charm for your handbag.

view collection



Great necklaces if you suffer from allergies

Necklace Collection
The Necklace collection has been designed for those who are allergic to costume jewelry. Also, NO awkward clasps to do up or undo, our necklaces just slip easily over your head.

view collection

Have you ruined your favorite belt because you didn't have a BELT LOOP to keep the end of it in place, which meant you had to turn the end of your belt back on itself, or stick a safety pin into it or use an elastic band? You need never ruin another belt again, use an eFABE™ BELT LOOP instead PLACE YOUR ORDER.

Fashion belts are more popular than ever, but don't you just hate it when the end of your belt sticks out, flaps about or just hangs down! Well not anymore, the eFABE™ BELT LOOP keeps the loose end of your belt, neatly and stylishly in place. Perfect to wear on a "girls night out", going on a "hot date", "party outfits", at the office or for a special event. Take a look at the list of collections to find a design just right for you. Most eFABE™ designs also make great Dangle Charms for your mobile phone, handbag or review car mirror.


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